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China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2019

Dear all:

Xiamen Gujie Hardware Products Company (MMC hardware) is going to attend the China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2019.

It is our honor to invite all of you to visit our booth.

The detail information about this exhibition is as below:

Expo Time: October 15 to 17, 2019

Booth number: E4286

Location: Southwest corner, intersection of the Laodong Road East & Titang Road,  Changsha city (West of Guangda station, Metro Line 2)

Expo Name: China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2019

Scope of Exhibits

PC Construction

1.National and provincial prefabricated construction base and relative enterprises of precast concrete.

2.Prefabricated columns, beams, shear walls, laminated slabs, stairs, balcony panels, air conditioning panels, interior and exterior wall panels, and other components and production equipment.

Architectural Design and Green Construction

New technology and new processes such as building information model(BIM), architectural design, green building and construction, green building design consultation, passive ultra-low energy consumption architectural design, road and bridge engineering design and construction, building ecological environmental design and construction, smart site, quality inspection and supervision platform.

Construction Steel Structure,Wood Structure and Modular House Exhibition

1.National and provincial prefabricated construction industry base and relative enterprise.

2.Steel structure: Heavy steel structure, light steel structure, grid membrane structure, steel structure construction, design and related ancillary products.

3.Wood structure: wood structure residential house, landscape wood structure, bamboo structure building and wood structure building design and related product equipment.

4.Modular houses: Various light steel villas, boutique homes, mobile homes,  container houses, 3D printed houses, sun rooms, new insulation sheds, cabins, tents, tree houses, motor homes, mobile toilets, guard posts, etc.

Energy-saving and New Green Building Material Exhibition

1.Green building materials parts system: new wall materials, energy-saving doors and windows and curtain wall shading systems, smart home systems, building electrical intelligence, building water saving, green lighting, air purification, fresh air replacement, HVAC and new energy, green energy-saving decorative materials, Roof and three-dimensional greening, etc.

2.Full decoration and interior industrialization: full decoration design and service organization, overall home, whole kitchen, whole bathroom, inner door window, quick wall surface, light partition wall, ceiling/floor/pipeline integrated system, same floor drainage, modular storage System, suitable aging design, etc.

3.Modern construction equipment and services: building components, prefabricated components production and transportation equipment, construction waste recycling, aerial work equipment, construction machinery and equipment, information technology, financial services, etc.

Architectural Waterproof, Energy-saving Thermal Insulation and Coatings Exhibition

Thermal insulation materials, waterproof system and materials, architectural coatings, roofing system and materials, integrated waterproofing and insultation, dry-mixed mortar, new-tpye wall materials,new energy-saving doors & windows and curtain walls, system accessories and supplementary materials, production and construction equipment, etc.

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